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Roman province: Caria  
Location: Karpuzlu, Çine county, Province Aydın  
The history of Alinda:  

A large part of the ancient ruins of Alindas date back to the 4th century BC, especially to the reign of Mausolo and Ada. The sister and successor of Mausolos resided in Alinda from 340 B.C., after being expelled from Halikarnassos by her younger brother Pixodaros.

When Alexander the Great came to Caria on his campaign in 334 BC, she gave him Alinda and offered him the adoption. Thus he became the legal successor of the Carian rulers and appointed Ada as queen of Caria after the conquest of Halicarnassus.

Alinda was still inhabited during the Byzantine period and was the seat of the bishop, who lived on as the titular bishopric of Alinda of the Roman Catholic Church. A presumed identity with the Hittite Ijalanda is not documented.

The most striking building is the 90 metre long, completely preserved substructure of the former market building below the agora. The divided basement rooms are accessible from the valley side at ground level, the ground floor from the Agora. Supports in the outer wall and several pillars occupy a former upper floor.



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