Ancient aqueducts in Turkey





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Roman province: Ionien  
Location: Selçuk, Selçuk county, Province Izmir  

The section of an aqueduct preserved in Selçuk is part of one of several aqueducts that supplied water to the nearby town of Ephesus.

The history of Selçuk:  

Selçuk is the successor settlement of ancient Ephesus.
A conquest by the Arabs in 798 was only of short duration, as was the first occupation by the Seljuks under Alp Arslan after the battle of Manzikert in 1071. This lasted only until the victory of the crusaders at Doryläum in 1097. After the fall of the Rum-Seldschuken the Turks took over the rule over the region and Ayasoluk came to the Beylik of Aydınoğulları. At this time the explorer Ibn Battuta visited the city in 1333. He reports about a prosperous trading town with blooming gardens and vineyards.
The ruler Khizir Beg had contact to the Italian republics, there was a Genoese and a Venetian consulate in the city. 1391 came the place under Bayezid II. for the first time under osmanische rule, until it fell after its defeat by Timur again the Aydınoğulları. Under Murad II, he finally became part of the Ottoman Empire in 1425 and was from then on the capital of a kaza (judicial district) of the Sandak of Aydın. When in later times the sediments of the Kaistros (Küçük Menderes) caused the harbour to become more and more deserted, the place lost its importance in favour of the harbour of Kuşadası.

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