Ancient stadiums in Turkey
Heraklaia Salbake




Other names: ./.
Roman province: Caria
Location: Vakif, Tavas county, Province Denizli
Capacity: unknown
Dimensions: Length: unknown
Width: ca. 48 m

The rows of seats, often referred to as theatres, are in fact an ancient stadium. The rough outlines of the former stadium can still be seen from the air. Unfortunately, here too - as in many other places - the ancient buildings were demolished and used for the construction of new houses in the area of the ancient city.

The history of Herakleia Salbake:  

Not much has remained of the ancient Carian city of Herakleia Salbake. The name Herakleia derives from the demigod Herakles. The sparse remains of the town border directly on the houses on the northern outskirts of the village of Vakif, 13 km west of Tavas in the province of Denizli. As the town of Aphrodisias, 25 km away as the crow flies, became more important due to its good relations with Rome and a large temple of Aphrodite, Herakleia Salbake and the surrounding Carian towns such as Apollonia Salbake, Sebastopolis, Tabai and Kidrama lost their importance.

Most of the ancient buildings were used over the centuries to build the houses of the village. What remains are a few rows of seats in the stadium and a few remains of the Roman city wall. In September 2015 some artefacts were discovered in the backyards. The locals reported of particularly beautiful pieces, which only recently "disappeared" in a miraculous way.

The villagers use the former arena agriculturally up to the curve  
Remains of the lateral stadium perimeter  
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