Ancient baths in Turkey
Alabanda (Central Bath)






Although the central bath of Alabanda has not yet been excavated, one can see the building plan. Like all Hellenistic and Roman baths, it had a frigidarium and a caldarium.

The length of the building in north-east/south-west direction is 69.0 meters. The 43.1 m long and 8.1 m wide apsidal space probably served as an apoditerium. The 17.0 m long and 21.9 m wide central room was connected to the adjacent rooms by arched doors. The large arched entrance was 5.8 m wide and probably 2.5 m high. The smaller of the interiors was 8.9 m x 11.2 m and had a vaulted passage to the central room.

Nothing could be learned about the age of this building. Future excavations and research will certainly also bring information about this to light.

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Source: Sign at the bath