Ancient baths in Turkey
Laodikeia (South bath)






According to the inscription, the complex is dedicated to Emperor Hadrian and his wife Sabina and was built on the occasion of their visit to Laodicea in 135 AD on behalf of Gargilius Antiquus.

The complex, located above the stadium, was built with cut travertine blocks of excellent craftsmanship. The complex measures 133x75 m and has the typical regional layout of "cascaded double baths". It also has connections to the stadium in the south and to the Agora in the north.
There are two main corridors (Ambulacra) in the complex, located north-south between the two caldaria (hot halls) and the other east-west at the connection to the gym in the north. The spa also served those who trained in the stadium or took part in competitions. The vaulted apodyterium west of Water Supply Terminal I has been preserved in good condition.

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