Ancient baths in Turkey






The Vespasian bath
According to an old inscription found there, the spa was built around 70 BC by the proconsul Gnaius Auidius in the name of the Roman emperor Vespasian. The inscription is translated:

"Caesar Vespasianus Augustus, just master of land and sea, had these baths built. Founded at the behest of Gnaius Auidius, his delegate and propraetor (proconsul)".

Unfortunately, the robust vegetation covers large parts of the ruin. The subdivision of the bathing complex, frigidarium, tepidarium and caldarium have been preserved until today.
In Olympos there were two baths. The Vespasian bath was also called "big bath". In Roman times, the baths were not only used for cleaning, but also for pastimes and socializing. The fact that there are two baths in a city by the sea is proof of this.

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