Ancient baths in Turkey






Opposite the Handelsagora in the immediate vicinity of the theatre is the large Roman thermal baths built in the 3rd century AD. The 60 x 40 meter large building was restored again and again in the following periods and extended by two gymnastics rooms.
The spa was entered from the north through the apoditerium and dressed. From here one entered through a door decorated with a frieze and two small corridors in caldarium. Next door was the laconicum, a steam bath accessible from the outside. From the caldarium one reaches the three-part tepidarium, whose walls were covered with ornamented marble slabs. Next to the tepidarium was the largest hall of the spa, the frigidarium, which was connected to your gymnastics room and the palästra for physical exercise.
For a long time slaves, women and strangers were forbidden to enter. The frigidarium was used by the municipal aristocrats and merchants for discussions and probably also confidential agreements.
In early Christian times the spa was used as a grave house. A skeleton reminds of this time today.

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